50 Million for Our Forests

We’re proud to partner with the National Forest Foundation (NFF) and the 50 Million for Our Forests campaign to support reforestation planting in our forests. At Knowland, we understand the vital role our environment plays in creating and sustaining quality of life — for each of us and the industry.

A Commitment to Sustainability in Hospitality

Many hoteliers have had their hands full dealing with the chaotic recovery from the pandemic, but one common concern has emerged during this period for all – hoteliers, suppliers, planners and our clients alike. It is the care and protection of our environment.

Sustainability can take many forms from being mindful of not overconsuming resources, not polluting, and respecting local communities and workers. Our attention on the environment elevates the industry, our colleagues, partners and clients. Through our support, Knowland is helping plant over 1,000 trees through 2024. And we’d like to invite you to join us.

If you would like to learn more about the NFF to see how you can become involved or make a donation, visit https://www.nationalforests.org . Founded by Congress in 1991, the NFF works with the U.S. Forest Service to care for the 190-million-acre National Forest System.

As a nonprofit organization, the NFF works with people and corporations to help fund the restoration of national forests and grasslands. The trees planted support the World Economic Forum’s global movement to conserve, restore, and grow one trillion trees by 2030. Through 50 Million For Our Forests, the trees we plant in U.S. National Forests support this global movement.